All a Twitter: A Personal and Professional Guide to Social Networking with Twitter

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Some people may disagree with me here, but I think now is the perfect time to send your first tweet. Make the tweet something simple; your introduction to the Twitter world. People you want to follow could include: friends, professionals in your industry, other local businesses, colleagues, and even current or potential customers. However, lucky for you, your business already has a following and many of those people that shop at your business. Send out an email to your contact list, inviting people to follow you on Twitter. Like anything else, if you want to be successful on Twitter you want to make sure you have the right tools.

Twitter Lists are a cool feature provided by Twitter to let users organize the people they follow into specific groups based on industry, relationship, expertise, etc. Similar to Lists, Saved Searches let users organize their content, but do it based on a specific topic rather than on specific users. Saved searches work exactly like they sound. After saving it, you can easily go back and see results as they appear in real-time.

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A study found that Please do not make this mistake. Connecting your website to your Twitter profile will help drive traffic and organically build your social following. What were you trying to accomplish? Were you looking to drive more business? Increase brand awareness? Publicize your page and post a link to it anywhere you can, including adding a social icon onto your website. You should also post things that get your audience to engage with your posts.

Facebook Advertising is really picking up speed in the business world.

The 4 Types of Tweets You Should be Posting on Twitter According to a Brand Strategist - Full Sail

It uses social graph and activities to pinpoint those who fall into your buyer demographics, making Facebook Ads incredibly effective. Facebook ads are more likely to bring in strong leads that are actually looking for your services.

Twenty top Twitter tips

To go much deeper into mastering Facebook, download this free guide. Twitter is fast-paced, concise, and easy way to connect with your audience. With over million registered users and growing , Twitter is a sea of information of character or less content waiting to be read, clicked, followed, and re-tweeted. Twitter generates over million tweets daily and allows you to share quick pieces of information and photos in an effort to drive people back to your site or landing pages. You only get a small amount of characters, so make them count! When marketing on Twitter, you need to have content that is enticing enough for people to stop and click through.

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  • Twitter is a blend of social media, blogging, and texting.

People are normally scrolling through quickly so it takes more than just simple text to stop them in their tracks. Incorporate photos, polls , gifs, or even short videos. All of these are now natively supported by the platform! People follow you because they like what you have to say, but often also to engage in conversation. Like you would on Facebook, ask and respond to questions, respond to mentions and direct messages. Twitter is as useful for driving traffic as it is for customer service.


Hashtags are you key tool on Twitter. These tags allow you to reach a wider audience than just your followers by getting involved in existing conversations. Do some research what your buyer persona is hashtagging to make sure your posts are going to be found by the right people. You can get it here. Users mainly go to LinkedIn to showcase their job experience and professional thoughts, making it one of the more important platforms to use for those in B2B.

The Ultimate Guide To Twitter

There is a lot less conversation happening directly on LinkedIn pages then there is on other social media marketing profiles. One way around this is joining LinkedIn groups where you can meet people from the same industry or with similar interests, ask and answers questions, and engage in conversations. Pose a question to the group to get a conversation flowing. Using hashtags in your tweets makes them visible in a Twitter search to people who don't follow you when they search on that term.

So it expands the reach of your tweets and will also help you grow your followers. Stay on-topic for your job search. Yes, your spouse may have fixed you a great breakfast, or your daughter may be amazing. However, unless that breakfast or your daughter are relevant to your job search, don't tweet about them with the same Twitter account you use for your job search. Don't bad-mouth a previous employer or job. In fact, avoid being negative in your tweets. Maybe that last boss was really a toad, but people will naturally wonder about the "other side of the story" if you tweet bad things about that toad. So, resist the temptation.

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  7. With only characters, consistently using your keywords in your tweets is critical. Those keywords attract employers to you and they demonstrate your understanding of your field. Look at this list of keywords as good places to start when you are looking for Twitter accounts to follow and when you are looking for topics to tweet about. When you are in a job search, don't waste this great billboard with a description of your dog, cat, kids, or hobby. And don't be vague - "experienced business professional" has absolutely NO keywords in it so that phrase is useless for your job search.

    No legitimate recruiter ever searches for an "experienced business professional"! You have characters for your Twitter Bio to attract the attention of employers, so use that very limited space for the keywords that describe you potentially including - IF you are unemployed!

    Benefits of using Twitter analytics