Desire Never Leaves: The Poetry of Tim Lilburn (Laurier Poetry)

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Desire Never Leaves : The Poetry of Tim Lilburn

John Donne" dismissal even borders on the offensive. As Lilburn writes in his essay "How to be Here?

Poetry helps us to cope. Poetry is where we go when we want to know the world as lover. You read a poem or write one, guessing at the difficult, oblique interiority of something, but the undertaking ultimately seems incomplete, ersatz. The inevitable disappointment all poems bring motions toward the hard work of standing in helpless awe before things.

Poetry in its incompleteness awakens a mourning over the easy union with the world that seems lost.

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Poetry is a knowing to this extent: it brings us to this apposite discomfiting. Part of what appeals about the Laurier Poetry Series is the fact that, but for the Purdy volume, the author selected also has a new non-fiction piece at the end of every volume, and this one is no different, with Lilburn's piece "Walking Out Of Silence," that writes: Though I concede the intentions of poetry and contemplation fork, poetry still strikes me as a religious undertaking, whether it is written or read, because it is an attempt to listen inside things, an attempt to "hear" the interiority, the deeps, of crows and mountains of basaltic rock : as a result, it constantly edges toward ekstasis, a bewildering, somewhat destabilizing, yet vivifying exile from oneself.

While most poets possess a substantial horde of ego, the act they perform of homesteading in otherness proves altruistic : if one of us travels into the cut off world of stones, rivers, then all of us do through the sort of reading which is anagogy. This means that poetry insofar as it is erotic, insofar as it is religious, following desire into things, listening in things, is political: one enters the sole trustworthy politics through a deepended subjectivity.

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Press, responding to my "anticipating Alberta The divine in the natural world is glimpsed in brief flashes; nevertheless, the poet, driven by love, continues his quest for what glitters in things. He speaks of how poetry, a craning quiet, allows one to hear what is alive in the world.

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He also describes how poetry is resolutely attached to both a historical moment and an individual subjectivity that is inevitably anchored in time. Yet it does not condescend, preferring to provide substantial and sophisticated poets to these new readers. At the very least, these slim volumes will make very useful introductory teaching texts in post-secondary classrooms because they whet the appetite without overwhelming. Lilburn writes this section [the Afterword] with panache, challenging the ordinary and humdrum way of seeing the world.

Kindle CA ebook. It is bright with the undersides of grass revealed by her weight during the length of her sleep. No one comes here; grass hums because the body's touched it.

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Aspen leaves below you sour like horses after a run. There are snowberries, fescue.

The Poetry of Tim Lilburn

This is the edge of the known world and the beginning of philosophy. Looking takes you so far on a leash of delight, then removes it and says the price of admission to further is your name.

Either the desert and winter of what the deer is in herself or a palace life disturbed by itches and sounds felt through the gigantic walls.