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Although I was incarcerated for only a few days, my response to this assault was far from robust. I was released by the police, numbed. The day after being freed, I was flown to Mumbai to join the team I was to work with.

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There, touring several of the poorest urban areas with local agencies, I walked down the famed Street of Cages. This is one of the central areas for the estimated half-million child prostitutes in India.

Before leaving the Street of Cages, I saw a year-old girl leaning against her bright blue steel gate. She wore a pink sari with a rainbow trim; she was writing in a blue notebook.

Max Richter - The Blue Notebook

Having worked in numerous underserved areas, the mantra, 'education is the answer', is invariably touted as pivotal solution. That being so, I could not reconcile the image of a child prostitute who wrote. The girl in the pink sari, with the rainbow trim, haunted me to write The Blue Notebook , which is a work of fiction based upon fieldworkers' reports and observation of the conditions in which such children survive. I named the girl, Batuk. The book is about how Batuk rises above catastrophic personal circumstance. Whenever I struggle amidst the simple luxuriant pressures of modern living, I think of Batuk and crave a droplet of her power to ascend.

Why was your team taken to the Cages Mumbai's red light area? We were trying to understand the number of calories that children need to grow and learn optimally. Good nutrition leads to good health and better outcomes.

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Till your visit to Mumbai's Cages did you have much knowledge of Indian prostitution or the way prostitution works in other parts of the world? I had no idea how broad and important an international issue this is. Why were you so taken with the young girl on whom Batuk's character is based? I simply could not comes to terms with it.

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I saw her with a combination of awe and utter guilt that I was helpless in her aid. I still feel a sense of hopeless fallibility. Batuk, to me, was the human representation of strength and power.

On 11 May , a two-disc version of The Blue Notebooks was reissued by Deutsche Grammophon to commemorate its fifteenth anniversary. It includes remixes by other artists, re-recordings, and two alternate arrangements of "On the Nature of Daylight". Richter composed The Blue Notebooks in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq. He has described it as "a protest album about Iraq, a meditation on violence — both the violence that I had personally experienced around me as a child and the violence of war, at the utter futility of so much armed conflict.

Both readings are by the British actress Tilda Swinton.

Traveler's Notebook - Blue (Regular) – The Goulet Pen Company

The tracks "Shadow Journal" and "Organum" were included in the soundtrack of the animated documentary Waltz with Bashir It is also used on the soundtrack of Martin Scorsese 's film, Shutter Island , in its original form and remixed with Dinah Washington 's vocals from her hit " This Bitter Earth ". In , it has been used in a Korean TV series " Dazzling " during the 11th episode. Mark Pytlik of Pitchfork gave the album a very positive review, explaining. The Blue Notebooks is a case study in direct, minor-key melody.

Each of the piano pieces "Horizon Variations", "Vladimir's Blues" and "Written on the Sky" establish strong melodic motifs in under two minutes, all the while resisting additional orchestration. Elsewhere, Richter's string suites are similarly striking; "On the Nature of Daylight" coaxes a stunning rise out of gently provincial arrangements while the comparatively epic penultimate track "The Trees" boasts an extended introductory sequence for what is probably the album's closest brush with grandiosity.

Richter's slightly less traditional pieces also resound; both the underwater choral hymnal "Iconography" and the stately organ piece "Organum" echo the spiritual ambience that characterized his work for Future Sound of London. There is absolutely nothing exclusive or contrived-feeling about it. In fact, not only is Richter's second album one of the finest of the last six months, it is also one of the most affecting and universal contemporary classical records in recent memory.

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