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Bard and Paladin Two classes, the bard and the paladin, discover new playtest possibilities this week. The bard receives a new Bardic College feature: the College of Eloquence.

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Additionally, the paladin gains a new More info. Sorcerer and Warlock Two classes, the sorcerer and the warlock, discover new playtest possibilities this week.

The sorcerer receives a new Sorcerous Origin feature: the Aberrant Mind. Meanwhile, the warlock gains a Barbarian and Monk Two classes, the barbarian and the monk, discover new playtest possibilities this week. Wesley Schneider. Bard and Paladin Two classes, the bard and the paladin, discover new playtest possibilities this week. Additionally, the paladin gains a new More info.


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They hunted wild game as well, though evidence for hunting declines over time, such that domesticated animals were more often used for food during the era of the megasites. Some scientists believe the wheel originated with the Tripolye culture.

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  • The houses in Tripolye megasites were typically arranged in concentric circles, occasionally dotted with plazas anchored by the large rectangular buildings that archaeologists have dubbed "megastructures. This aerial view shows the large settlement area of the Tripolye megasite Maidanetske with excavation areas.

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    The Maidanetske megastructure consisted of one roofed-in section and one slightly larger open-air walled courtyard. It dated to the 38th century B. The walls were made of clay-covered split wood and logs, and a raised fireplace sat in the enclosed part of the building. Scattered throughout the structure, the archaeologists found pottery , including sealed jars and kitchenware.

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    There were also bones scattered near the fireplace, presumably from a last meal before the building was abandoned. Most waste went into a pit, or midden, near the building. Archaeologists also found other flotsam of everyday life: a polishing stone, a whetstone and a loom weight. The building was very different from the houses at the time, which had a smaller footprint, were 2 stories tall and always contained both a fireplace and an oven, Hofmann said.